Upgrade vCenter 6.7 to 6.7 U3 Using custom repository.

>Download vcenter offline ISO from vCenter portal. Take snapshot of your appliance. Login to your vcenter appliance VAMI- https://appliaceip:5480 Go- to Settings : You must have HTTPS web server or FTPS server configured to proceed: I am using the serv-u Management console to configure FTPS: https://www.serv-u.com/downloads Select Custome Repository and Enter URL and Credentials : … Continue reading Upgrade vCenter 6.7 to 6.7 U3 Using custom repository.

vCenter Components :

vCenter Single Sign-On An authentication service that utilizes a secure token exchange mechanism rather than requiring components to authenticate users per component. Security Token Service (STS) A component that is part of vCenter Single Sign-On and provides SAML tokens to authenticate users to other vCenter components instead of requiring users to authenticate to each component. … Continue reading vCenter Components :