SRM(Site Recovery Manager) Basic Troubleshooting.

Site Recovery Manager supports protection for up to 5,000 virtual machines and is able to simultaneously run up to 10 recovery plans containing up to 2,000 virtual machines. Up to 500 virtual machines can be included in a single protection group and Site Recovery Manager provides support for up to 500 protection groups. Enabling debug … Continue reading SRM(Site Recovery Manager) Basic Troubleshooting.

TroubleShooting VMware ESXi

Advanced Troubleshooting of VMware ESXi Server -var/log/VMKSUmmary.log - Host Reooted-var/log/Boot.gz - slow boot up (check from the line where vmkernal module loaded succesfully)-DCUI- ALT-F12 -Live troublshooting kernal line message)-If Host does not have perssistant logging -at the boot of phase hit shift -o you will get boot prompt - to enable serial logging-validate the esx.conf … Continue reading TroubleShooting VMware ESXi