VMware Horizon Components

Instant Virtual Machine

Instant clones share the same base image and use less storage space than full virtual machines.Instant clones are created using vmFork technology.Instant clones always stay powered on and get recreated from the current published image after logoff.

View Composer linked clones

View Composer linked clones share the same base image and use less storage space than full virtual machines.The user profile for linked clones can be redirected to persistent disks that will be unaffected by OS updates and refreshes.

Full Virtual Machine

Machines sources will be full virtual machines that are created from a vCenter Server template.

Automated Desktop Pool

An automated desktop pool uses a vCenter Server template or virtual machine snapshot to generate new machines. The machines can be created when the pool is created or generated on demand based on pool usage.

Manual Desktop Pool

A manual desktop pool provides access to an existing set of machines. Any type of machine that can install Agent is supported. Examples include vCenter virtual machines and physical machines.

RDS Desktop Pool

A Microsoft RDS desktop pool provides RDS sessions as machines to View users. Connection Server manages RDS sessions in the same way as normal machines. Microsoft RDS hosts are supported on vCenter virtual machines and physical computers.

Dedicated assignment

Users receive the same machines each time they log into the desktop pool.

Enable automatic assignment—– If a user connects to a desktop pool to which the user is entitled, but does not have a machine, View automatically assigns a spare machine to the user. In an automated desktop pool, a new machine may be created if no spare machines exist. If automatic assignment is not enabled, users must be assigned to machines manually in View Administrator. Manual assignment can still be done even if automatic assignment is enabled.

Floating assignment

Users will receive machines picked randomly from the desktop pool each time they log in.

Persona management

VMware App Volumes™ allows administrators to manage applications from a central management console. Administrators can install applications once and then deploy to many different desktops simply by assigning the application to a user or a desktop.

VMware User Environment Manager allows administrators to centrally manage user and application persona from a central management console. User Environment Manager allows users to keep the same persona across different Windows devices and applications.Before installing the User Environment Manager, a minimum of two file shares must be created on the network:

  • User Environment Manager configuration share – This share contains the complete User Environment Manager configuration, which mainly consists of .xml and .ini files.
  • User Environment Manager profile archive share – This share contains the profile archives, backups, and log files of all the users. This share contains mostly .zip files, the so-called User Environment Manager profile archives.

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