Remove Conflict Vib’s from ESXi Host.

Recently i have encountered an error while upgrading esxi host that “upgrade contains the following set of conflicting VIBs:scsi bfa , scsci qla.”

To remove conflict vib’s, login to esxi and run below command :

esxcli software vib remove --vibname scsi-bfa

you can also use below powercli script if there are multuple vibs to remove , Make sure host is in Maintenance Mode

Add-PSSnapin *Vmware*
$VIServer = 'vcenter server Name'
Connect-VIServer $VIServer

write-host "Paste Esxi FQDN & Press Enter, Make sure host is in Maintenance Mode"
$esxihost = Read-host
$confirmation = Read-Host "Are you Sure You Want To Proceed (y/n):"
if ($confirmation -eq 'y')
write-host ("REMOVING VIB FOR HOST & Reboot " + $esxihost )
$esxi = get-esxcli -vmhost $esxihost
$$false, $false, $true, $false, @("scsi-bfa"))
$$false, $false, $true, $false, @("scsi-qla2xxx"))
Restart-VMHost $esxihost -confirm:$false | Out-Null
sleep -s 30


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