Upgrade vCenter 6.7 to 6.7 U3 Using custom repository.

  1. >Download vcenter offline ISO from vCenter portal.
  • Take snapshot of your appliance.

Go- to Settings :

You must have HTTPS web server or FTPS server configured to proceed:

I am using the serv-u Management console to configure FTPS:


Select Custome Repository and Enter URL and Credentials


Verify the Update :

Run Pre-Update Checks

You can check the affected services with this update.

Once the Precheck passed- we can go ahead with the upgrade: Click- Stage and Install

Accept EULA

You can take the vcenter backup before proceed , Same ftps server can be used to store the backups.

CLick FInish and Install

Now We have upgraded to vcenter 6.5 u3.

Validate vCenter and Delete the Snapshot.

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